Missed Students for Economic Justice’s Flash Mob in Bobst? No worries we recorded it for you and you can catch us out our Vigil April 30th.

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In less 30 seconds Students  for Economic Justice “dumbfounds” the Expansion Plan Finance Subcommittee with  one of the simplest questions imaginable.

Skip to 1.10.10 to hear our question, and 1.10.40 to hear the response:


Rollling like a Big Shot! SEJ gets covered by the Nation

Check out this article written up about SEJ by the Nation! In case you hadn’t heard we had a phenomenal banner drop in Kimmel Thursday.

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SEJ covered in NYU Local

Check out the coverage we got from NYU Local!


“People are being more critical of John Sexton and the Board of Trustees,” Parks said, addressing the lack of response the group has seen from the administration. “I think he’s going to have to start paying more attention to students and faculty now.”

NYUSEJ brings the Evict Chase campaign to Kimmel

President Sexton doesn’t want to listen to students’ voices, so we have to get creative if we want him to hear us! Check out these photos from SEJ’s banner drop in Kimmel today.

We’ll continue to draw attention to the on-going housing crisis and NYU’s connections to JP Morgan Chase until the administration cuts all financial ties with Chase- the biggest abuser of the human right to housing in the state.

To get involved with NYUSEJ and the Evict Chase campaign, come to one of out meetings: Fridays at 5pm in Gallatin room 601.

Here are some links for more info on NYUSEJ, the Evict Chase campaign, and the housing crisis:

  • Click here to see our letter to Sexton explaining the campaign.
  • Click here to see a new report on the housing crisis released by New York Communities for Change.
  • Click here for our facebook page.

Housing is a Human Right! Evict Chase!

Public Action Results in Huge Success!

Students Take a Stand for Housing Justice

New York, NY – New York University students rushing to and from class through the Kimmel Center on Thursday afternoon were surprised to discover a banner hanging overhead reading “Evict Chase,” while members of Students for Economic Justice (SEJ) handed out flyers and led a spirited round of chanting inside the student center.

This temporary disruption was the most recent action by SEJ to bring attention to the ongoing foreclosure crisis in New York City and NYU’s connection to it. The group delivered a letter to President John Sexton at last month’s University Senate meeting, asking him to end the school’s relationship with Chase, the leader in home foreclosures in New York, until the bank starts respecting the human right to housing. Sexton has yet to respond to the letter.

“As an NYU student, I want my university to stand up for human rights,” said junior Daniel Jones. “I don’t think my tuition dollars should be supporting an institution like Chase.”

According to a recent report by New York Communities for Change (NYCC), 1 in 5 New York City mortgages are underwater. If banks offered principal and interest reductions, the report argued, the New York City economy would see a $910 million annual stimulus, generating 13,286 new jobs.

“As more and more information comes to light about the ongoing housing crisis and what banks could be doing about it, I think our partnership with Chase hurts NYU’s image,” said freshman Robert Ascherman. “NYU prides itself on being ‘in and of the city,” but when it comes to standing with communities in the city, we don’t have the best track record.”

Cities and municipalities across New York State, such as Hempstead and Ithaca, have moved their money from Chase Bank after a study by NYCC found that Chase pushed more families in New York into foreclosure than any other large financial servicer.

This demonstration comes at a time when more and more NYU community members are speaking up about the undemocratic nature of the university and expressing doubts about President Sexton’s leadership. “Our group believes students should have a say in how our school is run,” Jones said. “Students are raising questions about where our money is going and we’re going to continue fighting for a voice.”

More Questions, More Aversions, More Lack of Confidence

Check out WSN’s article on Sexton avoiding question after question, and doing the research to debunk his lies.

"He faced imminent questions about financial aid, the global expansion plans and the vote of no confidence. In most instances, Sexton provided shallow answers with few details, steering instead toward noncontroversial initiatives."

The New york times asks Sexton if NYU should be a fundamentally democratic institution. In his typical fashion he side stepped the question. Share if you think the answer is yes, not another aversion. Watch the video here